I’m running a VO model with a DIVERT HYD command, and the output to each outlet does not match the input flow table.

In this case, QPEAK is 7.01. So, the QPEAK is between 6.18 and 9.33 in the Total column. By interpolation for Flow 1 and Flow 2 (DIVERTHYD), we should reach 1.80 and 5.21 in the QPEAK column, but the amounts of the interpolation are different from the QPEAK column. The splits should be approx. Flow 1 = 2.4 and Flow 2 = 4.6.

In one of the StandHyd on the upstream, Constant dry weather flow (DWF) is not zero. If DWF = 0, we will reach Flow 1 = 2.4 and Flow 2 = 4.6.