RoutePipe is used to route hydrographs in circular or rectangular pipes. It uses a simplified form of the RouteChannel input.

Only the pipe diameter or width and heights are required and only one Manning’s roughness coefficient is allowed.

The hydrologic object automatically resizes the pipe cross-section if the dimensions entered are not sufficient to accommodate the peak flow without surcharging.


Parameter Name Description Default Value
PIPE Pipe identifier used for identification and printing purposes. 1
PLENGTH The length of the pipe (m or ft) 500
ROUGH The Manning’s roughness coefficient 0.013
PSLOPE The average slope of the pipe (m/m or ft/ft) 0.005
TYPE The pipe section type. It can be Circular or Rectangular. Circular
DIAM The pipe diameter (mm or in). Used when TYPE is Circular. 1650
WIDTH, HEIGHT The width and height of the pipe (mm or in). Use when TYPE is Rectangular. 2400, 1200