Some properties are a collection of data values, e.g. DIST/ELEV of RouteChannel and Rating Curve of RouteReservoir as shown in the figure below. A text box and a button are usually given to this type of property. The text box shows the number of rows in the collection data and is read-only. To change the collection data, click the button on the right to open the corresponding editor window.

The collection editor window usually has two parts. For the first part, the left is the data table which lists all the data records. The second part is the data plot is the one on the right. Data can be edited directly in the table or pasted from a spreadsheet software. Context menus are provided to help basic edit operations. Data can be copied and pasted by using CTRL+C and CTRL+V key respectfully. The data plot window will update automatically once the data value is changed in the table.