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  • Add images and embed videos
  • Make bullets, tables and code blocks
  • Manage multiple versions and languages
  • Save time using variables and topic sharing

Publish manuals online or as a PDF file

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Hans Nücke (MegaZine3, Germany) about Manula: “Big compliments to all of you at Manula; great work!
Everything is very well thought through and working as expected. Pretty "natural" for me at least ;-)
I mention/reference Manula in my documentation, because I'm really "sold" and expect some of my readers will be happy to know about it.”
Nov 12, 2018

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Easily format your topics & include images and video

Format your topics using simple codes

Use *bold* for bold, _italic_ for italic. Start lines with h2. and h3. for headers. Easier and faster than any WYSIWYG editor!

Insert screen shots, photos & logos

Upload images to the Image Manager, then insert images into your topics. Align left/center/right, set captions, allow "click to enlarge".

Embed YouTube videos

Use the Video Manager to embed videos into your manual topics, either from YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia. Auto-Play is supported.

Make bullets, tables and code blocks

Start lines with *'s to create bullet lists (or # for numbered bullets). Use |'s to build tables. Tech manual? Then output code "as is" using code blocks.

Efficiently manage multiple manuals, versions and languages

Manage multiple manuals

Use one Manula account to create and update multiple manuals, each with their own logos and colors.

Keep track of multiple versions

Manuals for different product versions can share most of the topics. Just copy and modify the topics that need updating.

Save time by sharing topics

Have multiple products that are similar or share features? Then create shared topics and include them in multiple manuals.

Go for more efficiency using variables

Define variables with different values for each user guide, then include variables in shared topics to save more time.

Publish online or generate PDF versions

Created topics are online - instantly

All new topics and topic updates are online instantly, either hosted on the domain or integrated on your own domain.

Create "Private" manuals (optional)

The "Private" setting lets you block public access to your manuals, then provide username/password access to specific viewers only.

Generate downloadable PDF versions

Generate PDF versions of your manuals and optionally offer downloadable PDF manuals to your readers. » Example PDF

Publish for any device or screen size

The layout of your live manuals automatically adapts to any screen size. Your online documentation will look great on desktops, tablets or phones.

Features and customizations

Built-in super-fast search engine

The built-in search box gives your readers simple and fast searching, based on topic titles, topic body text and the keywords you defined.

Allow readers to provide feedback

Let your readers rate your topics ("Was this useful?") and let them post feedback using the Comments box.

Track topic views, ratings & searches

View statistics on topics views, the Up/Down ratings and the searches that your readers do. Use these stats to improve your manuals.

Customizable look and feel

Easily customize the look and feel of your manual with your own colors and logos. Perform further customizations using the Custom CSS feature.

Here's what our customers said about Manula:

brilliantly thought through Apr 16, 2018

“I have been using Manula since Friday. Firstly may I say it is fantastic. It is intuitive, and brilliantly thought through. I especially love the share feature which is going to solve so many problems for me.
I would also like to add that the Support I have received has been very fast and helpful too. ☺
My whole user-experience has been incredibly positive.”

— Lana Foster (Bright World), United Kingdom

Manual so on point that it hurts Oct 17, 2017

“Just wanted to let you guys now that you have all done an awesome job with this product. Simple to use, so on point that it hurts, and has all the complexity required for a small business. I am still amazed how nicely it all works together.”

— Patrick K (Zillion Lights LLC), UK

Manual once an arduous task, now so simple Mar 10, 2017

“We recently started using Manula as our online help manual for all of our clients. We provide online Software for schools and studios to manage their business.
Manula is very streamlined, looks great to the end user and very easy for an end user to search and navigate. It easily allows us to embed videos into the manual which is a great asset to our support efforts.
Keeping an updated manual was once a very arduous task but it has become so simplified using Manula. We would highly recommend this online help manual to anyone!”

— Maureen Strehl (CompuDance Software), USA

Manual instrumental Feb 9, 2017

“Manula has been instrumental in our ability to enhance our customer support and sales product knowledge.
We integrated our User and Administrator guides with our customer support guided process to enable support agents to have information at their fingertips while they are helping our customers.
They can also send a direct link to the pages or chapters the customer can reference to further educate themselves on our product features and functionality.”

— Daniel Hurtubise (Thru), UK

Manual absolute delight to work with Aug 5, 2016

“I’m still working on putting our manuals together (quite a big job), but I have to say your product is an absolute delight to work with.
I included my first YouTube video the other day. I can see this functionality has great potential in showing how to do something.
It is all good stuff – once again well done you guys!”

— Martin Heaney (Sound Technologies Ltd ), UK

Manual amazing product Apr 5, 2016

“First of all I want to say that Manula is an amazing product. We have been struggling to get a manual complete for a long time. Now in less than 2 weeks we are 3/4 finished. Great Job!”

— Al Romeyn (Spire Systems Inc.), Canada
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