The main output from a single-event simulation is hydrograph. The hydrographs can be displayed in graph, table and summary.


To plot hydrographs with rainfall, select the hydrologic objects and then click the Hydrograph button in Simulation tab. The Hydrograph window will appear. The appearance of the plot can be changed using the control panel on the left.


To view the hydrograph data in a table, click the Flow Data button in Simulation tab. The data can be exported to a file.


The summary of a hydrograph includes drainage area (AREA), peak flow (PKFW), time to peak (TP), runoff volume (RV) and dry weather flow (DWF). To view the summary of all hydrographs, use the Hydrograph Result window located at the bottom.

The summaries can be labeled on canvas beside the hydrologic objects as shown in the figure below. Refer to section 7.7 to apply labels onto the canvas.


The classic OTTHYMO detail and summary output is available through the Detail Output and Summary Output button.