VO6 supports the following data input files:

  • SWMM5 (*.inp)
  • Visual OTTHYMO v2.4 and higher (*.voprj)
  • Visual OTTHYMO v2.0 – v2.3 (*.sce)
  • Visual OTTHYMO v1.0.x (*.ott)
  • OTTHYMO-89/INTERHYMO (*.ott, *.dat)
  • OTTHYMO-83 (*.ott, *.dat)

Please note that while every attempt has been made to verify that the import routine works in everyday cases, there may be some data files that will have errors upon import (or may not even import). As a precaution, users should verify that the data files actually run in the previous model version, prior to import.