Stay at the Existing scenario. Click again the Run button located at the Simulation tab.

In the opened Batch Run window, add another run “long-term” and make sure that your setting is as below and uncheck the run “Calibration” that is used for model calibration. You can use Add button or Remove button to add or remove runs.

Click on the Simulation Engine button on the toolbar of the Batch Run window to open the Simulation Engine window. On the Simulation Engine window, click on the Time Step tab and set the Simulation Time Step (min) as 60 min. Click OK to save and close the Simulation Engine window.

Click the Run button on the Batch Run window to run the model. Notice that a progress bar is given to show the progress and a message window is given upon the successful completion of the run.

To save a project, click Save Project button in the Home toolbar to save all information (including all commands and storms) to a project file. In the pop-up window, navigate to folder where you want to save the project and results and give a project name. For example, give a name “erosion analysis_exercise” and save it to the folder “…/model/exercise”.