The design storm is added from Resource Library to Project Manager and then used in the simulation.

Resource Library

The Resource Library is a library of climate data including design storm and long-term measured precipitation data. The climate data for the model simulation should be first added to the Resource Library before it can be used in model simulation.

To open the Resource Library, click Resource Library button in Simulation tab. Some de-sign storms and reginal storms used in TRCA are shipped with VO, which can be a good starting point. If the required climate data is not available in the library, it can be added from different sources.

Project Manager

Project Manager is where the scenarios and climate data are managed. It’s located at the right side of the main window.

Adding Design Storm from Resource Library to Project Manager

To add a design storm to the project, drag and drop the design storm node from Library Explorer to the Rain Data section in Project Manager. A new rain group will be added in Project Manager. Design storms for other return periods can be added by the same method. Note that design storms of different return periods should be added to different rain groups.