The model should open with a scenario called “Pre-Dev. Initial”. If you have a different scenario open, complete the following steps:

1. Open the Project Manager window.

2. If the Project Manager window is open but not showing, it may be hidden behind the Properties window. In this case, just select the Project Manager tab, which is usually in the bottom right hand corner of the screen in the default setting.

3. Double click on the scenario you wish to open, in this case we will be opening the scenario “Pre-Dev. Initial”. If you just see a part of the scenario, right click the empty place on the canvas to open context menu and select Zoom Extent.

You should have a model which looks like the one below on your canvas. The model has been built and we have assigned catchment parameters to each catchment. We will be adding water quality parameters to the exiting model to see what our existing total suspended solids (TSS) and total phosphorus (TP) loading are for the site.