Table 1-3 (SWMM Application Manual, EPA, Sept. 2016) shows the analysis options used to run the model.

The Flow Unit was set in Step 2: Create a New VOSWMM Project. The other analysis options in the table above can be set in Run Options and SWMM Options windows.

SWMM Options

Click the Engine Options button in the Simulation toolbar. Set up parameters in the General tab as below.

Click the Time Step tab and set parameters as below.

Run Options and Batch Run

Click the Run button in the Simulation toolbar to open the Batch Run window.

Click the button to open the Setting of “2-yr” run. In the pop-up window, set parameters as below. Click OK to save the settings and close the window. Follow the same way to set the run options for “100-yr” and “10-yr”.

To run the simulation for all design storms, click Run in the Batch Run window to run the batch simulation in the undeveloped scenario. Three runs will be made, one for each design storm event.