The datasets of design storms can be found in the folder “…\design storm” in the downloaded package of this tutorial.

Click Resource Library button in the Simulation toolbar. Create a top group by clicking the Top Group button in the toolbar of the Resource Library window and name the new group as “Post-development Runoff”

Right click on the group “Post-development Runoff”. In the opened context menu, select Add Design Storm – From Multiple Storm Files.

In the pop-up window, navigate to the folder that has the three design storms. Select all the three design storms and click Open.

A successful loading message will show up. Click OK to close that window. You can view the imported design storms in the Resource Library window.

To add the designs storms to the model, right click on the group Post-development Runoff. In the opened context menu, select Add All Design Storms to Project. Click OK in the successful message. Click Save in the toolbar of Resource Library window to save the Resource Library.

The design storms are added to the Project Manager tab under the Rain Data group, and three runs are automatically created under the Runs group.