Navigate to the Error List tab, which is located below the map. Command Errors and Scenario Errors in the Error List tab will prevent user from running the model, but user may still be able to run the model with Command Warnings.

Un-check the *Command Warnings” to see the errors.

These two errors are caused because these two nodes do not have a link out. To fix the bugs, double click on the row of the error (e.g. NM-N13-0266) to zoom into that node on the map. Add an Outfall node to the downstream of the error node, and then add a dummy sanitary Conduit from the error node to that outfall node.

Following the same way to debug the second error, which is related to the exit of storm system. Double click the error to zoom into the error location. Add an Outfall node and a storm Dummy Conduit. Copy the Invert El of the error storm Manhole “ST2359” to the Invert El of the Outfall node and the Inlet Elev and Outlet Elev of the storm Dummy Conduit.