you can generate subcatchments for urban areas by utilizing the “Generate Subcatchments” button . This process relies on the major nodes, delineation nodes, and DEM data. Please follow the steps outlined below:
1. To begin, click on the “Generate Subcatchments” button in the software’s interface. This will initiate the subcatchment generation process.
2. If there are already existing subcatchments in the model, a message box will appear to notify you of their presence. Review the information provided in the message box as needed.
3. It’s important to note that the slopes of the generated subcatchments are automatically calculated based on the assigned Flow Slope layer in the Assign Layers section of the software.
4. Before running the “Generate Subcatchments” option, ensure that you have already executed the “Flow Path” and “Auto-Generate Nodes and Conduits” tools. These steps are essential prerequisites for creating the necessary flow path and delineated nodes required for subcatchment generation.
5. Once you have performed the “Flow Path” and “Auto-Generate Nodes and Conduits” steps, you can proceed with running the “Generate Subcatchments” command. This will create subcatchments specifically designed for urban areas.
Please be aware that the “Generate Subcatchment” option under the “Overland System” category is most suitable for urban areas. However, for large-scale projects or rural areas, it is recommended to utilize the “Generate Catchments” tool found in the “Rural DEM Processing” section for more accurate results.