This section includes the following tools.

Import Layers

This tool will import GIS shape files and match the attributes of the GIS shape files to the properties used in the VOSWMM model.

Click the Import Layers button. In the pop-up window, the Layer field from the drop-down list chooses the object type to the imported.

Click the button next to the Input Source field to open the import window. Select and add the data source.

The matching between the attributes of the GIS shape files and the properties used in the VOSWMM model can be done either manually selecting in the drop-down list of Mapped Property or loading the mapping file by click the Load button. User can Save the mapping to a mapping file.

The Auto Mapping button will try to match the properties based on the name, but it is at user’s responsibility to check whether the matching is correct or not.

Check the box Show Required Properties Only to show a short list of properties that must be used for the simulation.

For Boolean parameters or variables, use “true” for true/yes and “false” for false/no.

In the mapping, the Enumeration Mapping window may also pop up, which asks users to match the categories in a property with the VOSWMM model.

Export Layers

Users can export a layer to a shape file by using the Shape File tool or to a csv file by using the CSV tool in the Import/Export GIS section.

To export the layer, first select the layer to be exported. Then, click the Shape File button or the CSV button.