To identify the necessary modifications required to run your model and address the errors, follow these steps:
Locate the “Error List” tab, usually located in the lower left-hand side of the software interface. Click on the tab to open the “Error List” panel.
In the “Error List” panel, you will see a list of errors associated with the model. These errors indicate the specific issues that need to be resolved before running the model.

Identify the errors related to the nodes lacking a link out. There should be six errors in total.
To examine and address the errors, double-click on an error in the list. This action will zoom in on the corresponding node in the model.
Right-click on the node to open the context menu.
From the context menu, select “Convert To…” and then choose “Outfall” to designate the node as an outfall point.

Repeat steps 4 to 6 for each node that has the same error.
Once you have resolved all six errors by converting the nodes to outfalls, the model is ready to be run.
To run the model successfully, ensure that you define a precipitation input for the model.