In OTTHYMO, AddHyd is used to merge the hydrograph. This function can be achieved by node in VOSWMM. At a node in VOSWMM, the incoming flows will be added at that node. Therefore, in most case, there is no need to convert AddHyd, but there is an exceptional situation when the AddHyd is the final exit of the entire OTTHYMO model, which means that this AddHyd does not have downstream object. In this case, this AddHyd will be converted to an Outfall in VOSWMM.

OTTHYMO object VOSWMM object
Outfall when the AddHyd does not have downstream object in OTTHYMO model

The parameters of VOSWMM Outfall are assigned as:

  • NHYD = AddHyd NHYD
  • Name = AddHyd Name
  • Other parameters keep as default as in VOSWMM.