A pump is a component to increase the head of water.

Parameter Name Description Default Value
NHYD Hydrograph number.
NAME Name of the component.
From Node The name of the from node.
To Node The name of the destinated node.
COMMENT 1, 2, and 3 Comment for the command.
Tag Optional category or classification.
System Type Specifies the junction’s system type, whether it belongs in the overland, storm, or sanitary system. Blank
Pump Curve Name of the Pump Curve which contains the pump’s operating data – leave it empty for an ideal pump.
Initial Status Status of the pump (ON/OFF) at the start of the simulation. ON
Startup Depth Depth at inlet node when the pump turns on (ft or m). 0
Shutoff Depth Depth at the inlet node when the pump shuts off (ft or m). 0