Once a run is created and added under the Runs group in the Project Manager, click the Input Parameters button to open a new tab and view the model input file in a text-file format.

Context Menu for Input Parameters

Right click on the opened Input Parameters tab to open context menu

  • Save as – pop up a Save As window where users can save the tab page as a Text File
  • Copy – copy the selected content from the tab page to clipboard. Please note that before using this function first use mouse to drag and select desired content.
  • Select all Ctrl + A – select all the content on the tab page. Please note that using Ctrl + A can also select all the content.

Search in Content

  • Click on the page of Input Parameters tab, and then press Ctrl + F to open the search window. Press Ctrl + F again to close the search window.
  • In the search window, type the keyword that you are looking for. Click the Find Previous and Find Next buttons to search the keyword.
  • Next to the Find Next button click the dropdown button to open a dropdown window to set the searching criteria: