Map View has two sections
1. Treeview of Layers and are arranged into Group
2. Content Viewer where user interacts with map

Layer Context Menu

Context menus are available for each layer in Table of Content. These menus are described in the table below. The availability of the menus is depending on type and status of the layer.

Menu Command
Attribute Table Open the attribute table of the layer
Remove Layer Remove the layer from map. Not available for hydrologic object layers and support layers.
Move Layer Up Move the layer up one level
Move Layer Down Move the layer down one level
Layer Selectable Make the features selectable. Not available if it’s already selectable.
Layer Unselectable Make the features selectable. Not available if it’s already un-selectable.
Zoom to Layer Change the map extent to show all features in the layer.
Deselect all but this Turn off all other layers but turn on current layer.
Select all but this Turn on all other layers but turn off current layer.
Show/Hide NHYD Show or hide the NHYD label of this layer. If the existing label is NHYD, click this button will hide the label.
If the existing label is not NHYD or there is no label, click this button will display NHYD as the label of this layer.
Show/Hide Arrows Show or hide arrows for polyline layer.
Layer Export Shapefile Export current layer to shapefile
Layer Export CSV Export the attribute table to CSV file
File Source Display the file source.
Layer Properties Open the Layer Properties window.
Select All Shapes Select all shapes in current layer

Map Context Menu

Menu Command
Pan Move map from one side to another side
Add Add objects on to map Subcatchment, Node, Link
Convert To… Converts object to another object within same Group
Reverse Flow Direction Reverse the direction of Polyline
Selection Selection of objects. Open the sub-menu from the Selection will show more tools about selection.
Batch Edit Edit parameters of objects in a batch. For more information, please refer to Batch Edit in Simulation toolbar.
Edit Tool Edit vertices of Polygon Shape
Cut Cut Polygon shape with a polyline/Arc
Delete Delete selected object
Update Geometry Parameters Update any parameters associcated with Shape Geometry i.e Area of Polygon, Length of Polyline
Update Schematic Position Draws Layout of objects in Schematic View