The Project Manager is to manage the scenarios, climate data, runs and result plotting in the project. By default, it’s located on the right-hand side besides the Properties tab on the VO-SWMM main interface.


On the top of Project Manager is the tool bar. The buttons are described in the table below.

Icon Command Description
Add Add new selected item
Delete Delete selected item
Duplicate Duplicate selected item
Resource Library Open Resource Library

Tree View

Below the toolbar is a tree view of scenarios and climate data. Items are represented with icons described in Table below. Some of the sections would open the detail information window by double-click, which is also described in table below. For example, the Rain Group Viewer will be opened by double-clicking on Rain Group section.


Icon Item Icon Item Description
Scenario Section Scenario Open Scenario
Rain Data Section Rain Group Open Rain Group Viewer
Run Data Section Runs Open Run Group Window
Elavation Profiles Section Elevation Profile Group Open Saved Elevation Profles
Scenario Comparison Section Scenario Comparison Group Open saved scenario comparisons
Saved Data Section Saved Data Group Open saved selection

Context Menu
Context menus are also available in the tree view as shown in Figure below. If one menu item is not applied to current item, it will be greyed out. For example, the Set as Default Scenario menu is only applied to scenario. All the menus are described in Table below.

Menu Command Applicable Items
Set as Default Scenario Set selected scenario as default scenario
Add… Add Scenario or Open Resource Library
Edit… Open Scenario or Data Viewer
Rename… Rename the selected item
Delete… Delete Selected Item
Duplicate… Duplicate Selected Item