Users can import a VO-OTTHYMO project into VOSWMM. If the OTTHYMO model is created on Schematic View, before importing to VOSWMM, please make sure the Schematic View is turned on for VOSWMM project in the Home ribbon Options, so the importing can add models to the Schematic View of VOSWMM. If the OTTHYMO model is created on both Schematic and Map Views, the importing will add models to both Schematic and Map Views.

To do the importing, in the VOSWMM interface, navigate to File, select Import, and click Import VO-OTTHYMO.

In the pop-up Import Otthymo To VO-SWMM window, click the button next to Otthymo Input File. Navigate to the desired OTTHYMO project file. Double click that file to add it to the Otthymo Input File field. In the Route Reservoir Height field, type the height of Route Reservoir. The unit is m for metric-unit project and ft for imperial-unit project. This value will be used to calculate the average area for reservoir.

When importing an OTTHYMO project into VOSWMM, the software will do a conversion of OTTHYMO project to VOSWMM projects. The conversion includes the connection and parameters of modeling objects, the data used in project and the settings for simulation engines and scenarios. Please refer to the following links for more details.

Importing of Scenarios
Importing of Data
Conversion of Modeling Objects
Importing of Pollutants

After the importing is done, if the model is added to the Schematic View of VOSWMM, right click on the empty space of the Schematic View to open the context menu and select Update Schematic Position. This will re-arrange the locations of the objects on the Schematic View for a better view to users.