in VOSWMM, the outlet needs a capture curve. Catch basin provides VOSWMM to automatically calculate the capture curve.

A catch basin is a type of inlet structure designed to collect and manage stormwater runoff. In VOSWMM, you typically model catch basins as nodes where runoff from the surrounding area enters the drainage system.

Parameter Name Description Default Value
NHYD Hydrograph number.
NAME Name of the component.
COMMENT 1, 2, and 3 Comment for the command.
Multiplier The number/multiplier of the catchbasin 1
Type Catchbasin grate type
Blockage % The degree to which the catchbasin is blocked *0
ICD Enable inlet control device flow limit (0/1 – disable/enable). 0
ICD Flow [CMS] The maximum catchbasin flow. 0
Elevation [m] The elevation of the catchbasin surface. 0
  • 0% – No blockage, if the catch basin cover is blocked, then use 30%.