If a run is completed successfully, click the Output Results button to open a new tab and view the model output result file in a text-file format.

If a run has errors, the errors of the model will be listed to the Output Results

Context Menu for Output Results

Right click on the opened Output Results tab to open context menu

  • Save as – pop up a Save As window where users can save the tab page as a Text File
  • Copy – copy the selected content from the tab page to clipboard. Please note that before using this function first use mouse to drag and select desired content.
  • Select all Ctrl + A – select all the content on the tab page. Please note that using Ctrl + A can also select all the content.

Search in Content

  • Click on the page of Output Results tab, and then press Ctrl + F to open the search window. Press Ctrl + F again to close the search window.
  • In the search window, type the keyword that you are looking for. Click the Find Previous and Find Next buttons to search the keyword.
  • Next to the Find Next button click the dropdown button to open a dropdown window to set the searching criteria