The Inlet Usage Editor serves the purpose of positioning an Inlet Structure within a Street or channel conduit.
The editor prompts for the following information:

Inlet Structure

Specify the name of the inlet structure to be utilized. Choose a pre-defined structure from the drop-down list. The list will display inlets compatible with the conduit’s cross-section, such as curb and gutter inlets for street sections or drop inlets for trapezoidal or rectangular channel sections. Selecting the blank first item will remove the inlet from the conduit.

Capture Node

Enter the name of the node that receives the flow captured by the inlet. You can select the node by clicking on it in the Study Area Map or by choosing it from the Project Browser.

Number of Inlets

Indicate the number of identical inlets placed within the conduit. For two-sided street conduits, this number refers to pairs of inlets positioned on each side of the street. For instance, specifying 2 inlets for a two-sided street results in a total of 4 inlets, with two on each side of the street.

Percent Clogged

Specify the percentage to which each inlet is clogged. For example, if a value of 50% is used, the normal flow capture computed for the inlet would be reduced by half.

Flow Restriction

Define the maximum flow (in the project’s flow units) that can be captured by a single inlet. A value of 0 indicates unrestricted flow capture.

Depression Height

Enter the height of any local gutter depression extending over the inlet’s length, measured in feet or meters. This local depression is added to any continuous depression in the conduit’s Street section. A value of 0 indicates no local depression. This parameter is not applicable to drop inlets.

Depression Width

Specify the width of any local gutter depression in feet or meters. It should be at least as wide as the inlet’s extension into the gutter. This value is disregarded if the depression height is 0 or if a drop inlet is used.

Inlet Placement

Determine whether the inlet is placed in an on-grade or on-sag location. Choosing AUTOMATIC allows the program to make the placement decision based on the street layout’s topography.

Please note that grated, curb opening, and slotted drain inlets are suitable for Street conduits, while drop grates and drop curb inlets are meant for rectangular or trapezoidal channels. Custom inlets can be used in any conduit type.