The Home tab includes the basic functions to create new project, open existing projects, set default project options, and perform basic editing and searching to the project.

Home Tab

Icon Command Description Icon Command Description
New Project Create a new project Delete Deletes selections
Open Project Opens an existing project Undo Removes the last action
Save Project Save the current project Redo Repeats the last action
Save Project As Saves the current project under a different name Edit History Displays list of actions performed by the modeler(s)
Copy Copies the selection to the clip-board Find Locates a specific object by ID or name
Cut Extracts the selection to the clipboard Windows Provided dropdown for selection of windows to be displayed
Paste Pastes copied or cut hydrologic objects Options Access window to define general settings details such as Unit and Precision

In the Windows drop-down list, you can manage the window and panels that you want to display or hide from the main interface.

Click the Options button. In the pop-up window, use General and GIS tab to set defaults for GIS system, unit, and auto-save.


General tab Description
Project Type The default project type when creating a new project.
Schematic View Select Yes, the tab of Schematic View will show when creating or opening a project. Select No, the tab of Schematic View will not show when creating or opening a project.
Unit The default unit system type when creating a new project. VO-SWMM supports all six unit systems the same as EPA SWMM5: CFS, GPM, MGD, CMS, LPS and MLD. User can still change the unit system type at the scenario level.
Result Displaying Decimals Set result displaying decimal for each type of variables for subcatchments, links and nodes.
Autosave Check on Autosave Enabled to allow project autosaving and the project will be saved automatically by the autosaving interval.
SWMM5 Choose SWMM5 Engine to run the model.

GIS tab Description
GIS Type Choose None to turn off Map View. Choose TatukGIS to use Tatuk Map. Choose ArcGIS to use ArcGIS map. Please note ArcGIS license is required to use ArcGIS, but no such requirement for using TatukGIS.
Default Coordinate System The default coordinate system when creating a new project. When choosing coordinate system, please select the one that is close to your shapefile that is to be imported and used in the model. If you are unsure which coordinate system to choose, select Popular Visualisation CRS Mercator (epsg:3785). This coordinate system displays the global map and can suit any coordinate system.
Action when two polygon-commands overlap Choose Clip to clip the new polygon when it is overlapped with others. Choose Reject to not allow adding a polygon that is overlapped with others.
Synchronize the glyphs shown in map and schematic view Check on this box to synchronize schematic view from map. Please note to select Yes in the Schematic View field in the General tab of Home Options, if you want to see the glyphs on the schematic view. Please also note that it is feasible to synchronize the objects from map to schematic view but not vice versa, because the model on the map view requires more information than on the schematic view.