In general, LIDs in OTTHYMO project will be converted to Storage Units as the main structure connected with different structures. Those structures are used to model outflow, overflow, underdrain and infiltration and evaporation. Outflow is modeled by a circular Conduit whose diameter is 1 and length is 50. Overflow is modeled by a transverse Weir whose height and length are 1. Underdrain is modeled by a Pump. Infiltration and evaporation is modeled in a same way as in the Conversion of Wetland. The infiltration and evaporation results will be obtained and lumped as one time-series variable, and modeled by a Pump in VOSWMM. The pollutant removal of those LIDs are explained in another section and the Treatment field of those Storage Unit may be updated due to the pollutant removal from its upstream object. Please refer to the section of Pollutant Removal for details. Users need to check those conversion settings and parameters and make adjustment if needed.

For each of LIDs, please refer to:
Soakaway Pit
Rain Garden
Green Roof
Enhanced Swale