Properties window shows all properties of selected hydrologic object(s) or current scenario. To use Properties window:

  • Select single hydrologic object in Map View or Schematic View to view and edit all properties of the object
  • Select multiple hydrologic objects in Map View or Schematic Viewto view and edit common properties;
  • Deselect all hydrologic objects to view and edit scenario properties.


  • Properties are usually grouped in different categories to be easily located.


  • Tooltip is given for each property to give more detailed information. This is useful for users that are not familiar with OTTHYMO model.


  • The search bar is located at the top. It will filter properties to only display those with given string.

Editing Property Value

  • The property value could be edited using the Field Box, Dropdown List or Collection Data Table.
  • The property types can be grouped as: Simple Properties and Collection Data Table
    • Editing Simple Property: simple properties are the properties that are defined by one value or string, for example, pipe length. They can be edited by Field Box and Dropdown List
    • Editing Collection Data Table: prosperities with collection data table are the properties that are defined by a table, for example, rating curves. They can be edited by using Collection Data Table
    • Editing a group of objects: edit the common properties of selected objects