Storage Unit is an element that provides storage for a basin (e.g. pond).

Parameter Name Description Default Value
NHYD Hydrograph number.
NAME Name of the component.
COMMENT 1, 2, and 3 Comment for the command.
Tag Optional category or classification.
System Type Specifies the junction’s system type, whether it belongs in the overland, storm, or sanitary system. Blank
X The X coordinate of the storage. 0
Y The Y coordinate of the storage. 0
Ground Elevation The elevation for the ground level. 0
#Of inlets The number of inlets (catchbasin) assigned to the junction 0
Sag If the storage is laid upon a sag area.
Roof Node If the storage represents a roof node.
Delineate Whether to delineate this storage or not.
Invert El. (m) Elevation of storage invert. 0
Full Depth (m) Maximum water depth (i.e., distance from invert to ground surface or 0 to use distance from invert to top of the highest connecting link). 0
Inflows External inflows received at the storage. No
Treatment Pollutant removal supplied at the storage.
Initial Depth [m] Initial water depth in storage. 0
Surcharge Depth [m] Depth over maximum depth before flooding occurs. 0
Evap. Factor The fraction of the potential evaporation from the storage unit’s water surface that is realized.
Storage Curve Method of describing the geometric shape of the storage unit. *FUNCTIONAL
Conductivity [mm/hr] Soil-saturated hydraulic conductivity [mm/hr or in/hr]. 0
Initial Deficit Initial soil moisture deficit (a fraction). 0
Suction Head [mm] Soil capillary suction head (in or mm). 0

There are different methods to describe the geometric shape.

  • Functional: Area = A*Depth^B + C
  • Tabular
  • Cylindrical
  • Conical
  • Parabolic
  • Pyramidal