Select all the Outlet links in the Parameter Tables and change the Rating Curve field in the Properties tab to TABULAR_DEPTH.

Generate Capture Curves

The capture curves can be calculated based on type, multiplier, slope and curves of catch basins. Therefore, they can be used for modelling the flow going into the storm sewer.

Click the Generate Capture Curves button in the Micro-Drainage tab.

Click Generate in the pop-up window. The Rating Curves of the Outlet links will be automatically calculated based on the Catch Basin properties and assigned to the Outlet links.

Import Capture Curves

The capture curves generated above can be used for the Outlet link connected to the Storm sewers, but for the Sanitary sewer to model the infiltration and inflow (I/I) we will use the specific rating curves by importing an csv file.

Click the Curves button in the Simulation tab. Click the Rating tab in the Edit Curves window.

Click the Import button . In the pop-up window, change the file type to CSV File. Navigate to the csv file “…\Data\capture_curve.csv”. Double click the file to import and assign the rating curves to the model.