The v2.0.7 release includes corrections for Manager, Builder, Brain and Client application. This release does include new Brain firmware files that can be updated remotely.

More information on v2.0.x New Features can be found here

Bug Fixes


  • Corrected issue where the Brain version update is done to a version higher than the one selected by the user
  • Corrected issue where Calendar gateways cannot be overridden within reference spaces


  • Corrected issue where adding an extra space to Manufacturer name would return no results when searching devices
  • Corrected an issue where editing devices in a duplicated project would also affect the devices that exist in the original project


  • Corrected issue where the KDS gateway was not controlling KDS devices
  • Corrected issue where the last synced date was returning an empty value

Client Applications

  • Corrected issue where the BRAINware option in a KT107 was disabled after updating application
  • Corrected issue where Brain information was not being displayed when using SL Brains
Revision: 1
Last modified: 28 February 2019


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