When a device driver is built for the database the State values match the possible range provided by the controlled device. This full range may not be used by the end user. Instead they may edit adjust the hardware to work within a set range providing a different set of values. If you have installed a piece of hardware in this manner and you are using a slider within a Kramer Control GUI, you will want to edit the device driver to match this new range. Follow the steps below to complete this process.


Launch Builder

Select the device that requires editing and click on the Edit Driver option in the Toolbar

Once the DDE is opened, expand the Category section and Select the Volume category

From the center toolbar select the State option and double click the Volume state

Expand the Constraints & Defaults section to view the Min and Max range of the Volume state

Change these values to match the values that have been configured within the physical hardware

Save you changes within the DDE then return to the Builder to publish your changes

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Last modified: 10 December 2018


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