Version 2.10.2 has been released to improve stability and troubleshooting with Kramer Control. The improved logging, both with debug logging and standard logging, will help our customer service teams resolve issues much quicker. We have also addressed stability by improving how the Brains handles the below issues:

  • Improved handling of corrupt or invalid device drivers
  • Improved resource clean-up before restart or sync
  • Improved error handling by the Brain, which prevents crashes

There has also been some work done to improve the tablet disconnections that have been reported from numerous installations. Using the existing watchdog feature, we are triggering a restart of the Brain if there is no response from port 8000 within 5 seconds of query.

Known issues

  • We have identified an issue with delayed communication with HTTP controlled devices. This issue is more prominent when there is polling of the same device or other devices on the same Brain
Revision: 2
Last modified: 23 February 2023


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