Within Events, we have two possible scenarios State Update and State Change, but what is the difference? Within this short thread we will explain what makes each scenario different.

State Change

State change is the easier scenario to explain. When the State of a Device changes from On to Off, that would prompt a State Change event. The same could be said when the Volume Level goes from 1 to 2, or Input changes from A to B.

When to use State Change

Use a state change when you only want to be aware when the space has been altered. When a light is turned off, when the volume reaches a certain level or when the system is turned off would be State changes you would want to made aware of.

State Update

A State Update does not have to include a State Change. If you are querying the Status of a Device every 15 minutes, the States are being Updated to the current Status which may not have changed from the previous State.

When to use State Update

When you want to be continually informed to the current status of a space, use the State Update function. Even if the space state has not changed since start of day, your Events will be updated to the current values.

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