The System Device appears in the Devices tab in each Space. The System Device consists of information including: Time, Date, Weather and System State. You can use the System Device to track when the system is on or off, or you can add the time/date to your interface.

This article explains how to use System Device information in your interface.

The System Device is imported into each controlled space of a Project. The System Device is unique to the Brain that is installed in the space.

To add System Device information to your interface:

  1. Launch into the Builder of your controlled space.
  2. Select “This Space” from the Device tab in the right pane.
  3. Select System Device.
  4. Select one of the following from the Category list:
    • Time – displays the current time of day based on your location.
    • System state – is a boolean state indicating that the system is on or off. This can be used to show on a dashboard, what controlled spaces are currently in use.
    • Weather – shows the current weather status in your location. Options include temperature, conditions and humidity.
  5. Drag the state into the interface.
    The selected information is displayed in the interface.
  6. Adjust the text color, size and font properties of the displayed information.

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Last modified: 25 May 2017


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