When building a new device, or a new capability within an existing device you will want to be able to see the Command String that was created. This feature will show how a parameterized value will be referenced within your Command String.

Command String Preview

Before you can the command string that has been created, you must first navigate to the capability.

  1. Choose the Category from the left pane
  2. Select the Capability icon from the toolbar
  3. Select a Capability
  4. Select a Command
  5. Choose Code Type

If you have successfully navigated the above steps, you will see a screen like the one below


Beneath the Command Code Data you will find the Simulate option. Clicking on this option will prompt the same popup dialogue box that appears within the builder where the programmer enters the parameter values

After clicking Ok within the popup, the Simulate field will show the new Command String with the added values

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Last modified: 23 August 2017


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