Multiple State images are a feature that allows the programmer to show different actions while interacting with a widget. The programmer now has the ability to adjust the file name of the image within their machine to speed up the image upload. By using the naming convention listed below, the programmer can upload grouped images instead of having to group the images once uploaded to builder/manager.

Group Types

There are four different image states supported within the Kramer Control Builder

  • Default (-d)
  • Pressed (-p)
  • Selected (-s)
  • Disabled (-x)

Next to the group type is a -d,p,s, or x. Adding the – to the end of the file name in your machine is the necessary convention for uploading images.

You will notice in the below image we have entitled the image names exactly the same, except for the convention used at the end of the name. If the image name needs to be separated use the ‘_’ character to separate.

Within the Upload Images section, you will select each of the images that were created on your machine and click ok. In the image below you see how the naming convention works within the builder/manager – the center pane shows the single image group, while the right pane shows each of the image states

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Last modified: 23 August 2017


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