In v1.3.1 we added an Error to the builder indicating that a Device has un-aliased parameters. This error notifies the user that a device, or multiple devices, require the Aliasing feature in order to prevent future errors. In order to make the Aliasing setup more stream lined, we have added the Aliasing to the Device Import wizard.


In order to Add a Device you will need to:

  1. Launch Builder
  2. Add a Device

In the Add Device pop-up, you will search for your Device. This example shows the Kramer VS-41H

Note If the Device you import does not have Aliased parameters, you will be done after clicking Add.

If the Device you have selected includes Aliased parameters, this is the next screen you will see:

Note There may be more than one Paramterized Alias in this screen. You will want to scroll to the bottom to see each Parameter

In this screen you will enter your Alias values for each Parameter and click Add once you have finished

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Last modified: 17 May 2018


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