The system menus are the options that appear in the top left of the Builder window. These options include: File, Edit and History.

This article explains how each of the system menus helps you design your interface.

File Menu

The File menu contains options for saving changes that you make to the interface. While you are editing your interface, we recommend saving every 5 to 10 minutes to make sure all work is kept up to date on the cloud. There are two saving options:

  • Save
  • Publish

Save and Publish options are covered in more detail in this article

Edit Menu

The image below shows the keyboard shortcut for each of the Edit menu options.

  • Undo – undoes the last completed action. Using the shortcut again undoes the action that was completed prior to the last. For example, moving an image using arrow keys. The undo action will move the image back one step at a time until it reaches its original location.
  • Redo – performs the last undone action again. If you accidentally undo an action, use the redo button. For example, you moved an image back to its original location using the Undo option and now decide that it should be in the new position. Redo the action to move the image back.
  • Copy – duplicates elements in the Builder. You can copy entire interfaces, pages, and overlays, or copy smaller things such as commands and widgets. Click the relevant element and use the keyboard shortcut to copy that element and all its attributes. Then use Paste to duplicate those items in a new place.
  • Paste – places an element that has been copied. When pasting content be mindful of where those items are being pasted. Entire interfaces should be pasted into the left pane using the Paste keyboard shortcut (CTRL+V). When pasting buttons, make sure to select the proper interface, page and/or overlay where the button needs to be placed.
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