With the update of the KDS-6 firmware, the Kramer Control driver also required an update. If you were previously using a KDS Decoder with a firmware version older than 6.4 you will need to update the driver in your Kramer Control Project/Space.

Driver Update Process

  1. Open Builder
  2. Select KDS device from driver list
  3. Refer to properties window and select Driver Version

Next Steps

If you were previously using Video Wall commands with your KDS setup, you will need to re drag and drop the below command

  • Route to Encoder
    • This command is used for switching sources on the KDS system. If you update the driver and do not replace these commands, the Route to Encoder & Remove Video Wall command will be sent instead causing your video wall to break


  • The above will only affects users that had version 1.0.5 of the KDS Decoder driver inside their Project/Space
  • If you add the Switch All Sources (Audio, Video, Serial, IR and USB) command to your Kramer Control setup, the front panel LED will not update to the selected ENC number
    • The Route to Encoder command will update the front panel LED
Revision: 2
Last modified: 31 March 2020


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