We have received some questions about configuring a Cisco Spark Kit with Kramer Control. Typically, our suggestion is to control the Cisco unit through TELNET but we have heard that some installations are blocking this connection method. The next suggestion we provide is to use RS-232 control of the Cisco device. The Spark Kit does not have a standard Serial port, which means this installation will require a RS-232 to USB cable. The image below shows the USB port on the back of the Spark hardware.

You will also need to ensure that Serial control is enabled within the Spark unit. You can send the necessary command through Hercules or another scripting tool. More information on Hercules can be found here.

Note – We recommend using this USB to Serial Adapter available from Amazon UC-232R-10 USB to RS232

The command is xConfiguration SerialPort Mode: Mode On /cr/lf

  • The /cr = Carriage return
  • The /lf = Line Feed

By default, a login is required when connecting to the Spark over RS232. This option can be disabled by sending the below command, this is recommended when using Kramer Control.

xConfiguration SerialPort LoginRequired: Off /cr/lf

The default serial settings for the Spark are:

  • Baud Rate – 115200
  • Data Bits – 8
  • No parity
  • Stop Bit – 1
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Last modified: 23 September 2020


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