Kramer has released a new I/O controller called the VS-622DT. This unit is an All-in-One Presentation system with 6×2 4K:60 4:2:0 HDMI/HDBaseT Matrix Switching, Control Gateway that supports PoE, Power Amplifier and Maestro Room Automation. Follow the steps below to configure your VS-622DT with Kramer Control.


Launch Builder
Select the Hardware tab from the Left Pane

Click on the “+” sign to Add a New Gateway

Within the popup wizard choose the option to Add Kramer Gateway

From the Gateway Model list select the VS-622DT and enter the IP address of the unit on your Network

Assigning Devices

If you are using the VS-622DT as a Control gateway you will need to assign devices to the IR, RS232, Relay or GPIO by dragging the device from the right pane to the Drop Device Here section of the Center pane


The Relay and GPIO portions of the VS-622DT will use the same process as found within this article.

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Last modified: 14 August 2018


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