Adding a background is the first step in customizing a setup. Any image can be used as a background image. This includes – company logos, customized imaging, team photos etc.

This article explains how to add a background to your newly created pages.

  1. In the Kramer Control Builder, under UI, Select the Page you would like to edit.
  2. Click the second to last icon on the toolbar.
    This option removes all foreground elements from view and only shows the background
  3. Click the Images option.
  4. Expand an image library by selecting the name of the library.
  5. Select an image from the pane below the name of the image library.
  6. Click and drag the image to the center pane. The image is appears in the background in the location that it was dropped in its native size.
  7. Edit your image in the Properties section under the center pane.
    • Edit the x,y location of the image
    • Edit the size of your image (width,height)

Note: Hold down the SHIFT key while dragging and dropping your image to maximize the size of the image so that it fills the entire page.

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Last modified: 30 May 2017


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