There are two types of interface buttons. One type performs an action once per click and release. The other type of button repeats an action as long as the button is held and stops repeating when released. This is called a Repeat on Hold button. Examples of Repeat on Hold buttons are volume buttons (Volume Up or Volume Down commands) and channel changing buttons. Any interface button can be configured for repeat on hold.

This article explains how to configure an interface button to be a Repeat on Hold button.

Preliminary Steps

Make sure you have completed the following steps:


  1. Double click the relevant interface button.
  2. In the center pane, change the tab from Tap to Push.
  3. Select the relevant device from the right pane.
  4. Select the relevant category for the repeating command.
  5. Drag the command from the right pane to the words “drag and drop commands here” in the center pane.
    The Properties window displays information about the command that was just added.
  6. Click the name of the button in the left pane.
    The Properties window shows the editable fields of the button.
  7. Select the Repeat PUSH on Hold check box in the Properties window.
  8. Edit the Repeat Frequency field as needed.
    Repeat Frequency is a value from 0.0 to infinity. This value is the amount of time in between commands being executed.
    0.0 creates a smooth repetition of the function and higher values cause the function to repeat in more noticeable steps.

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Last modified: 13 September 2018


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