The Zoom icons in the Builder toolbar, enable you to zoom in, zoom out or return to 100% view. Use the zoom tools to fit the entire interface in the viewing area to help position elements on the interface or edit an exact location by zooming in to the pixel level of detail.

The Zoom tools include the following:

  • Zoom In ( + ) – enlarges the center pane image until you can fine tune your image location to an exact pixel.
    Each click of the “ + “ icon enlarges the center window by ~10%.
  • Zoom Out ( – ) – reduces the center pane image until you can view the entire interface you are building.
    Each click of the “ – “ icon reduces the center window by ~10%.
  • 100 – returns the zoom level of the center pane image to 100%.
    After zooming in or out to make your edits, click the “100” icon to return the center window to the original zoom level.
Revision: 10
Last modified: 7 November 2017


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