On the new model Kramer tablets, the programmer can configure the tablets directly from their laptop without having to input any information within the tablet itself.


To get the new apk to show the Kramer Control GUI of a Brain, open a Chrome browser and follow the steps below:

  • Enter the below text into your URL making sure to replace brainIP with the IP address of the Brain and tabletIP with the IP address of the KT tablet
    • This will work with both SL and Virtual brains
  • Note: the above will only work if you have a space with a single interface. If you have multiple interfaces you will need to include the interface ID necessary for deep linking.

Other available commands

  • Health
    • https://tabletIP:9804/health/
    • http://tabletIP:9803/health/
  • Remote reboot of tablet
    • https://tabletIP:9804/reboot/
    • http://tabletIP:9803/reboot/
  • Launch URL
    • https://tabletIP:9804/launchurl?
    • http://tabletIP:9803/launchurl?
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Last modified: 26 February 2024


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