With the release of v1.2.0 Kramer Control is now supporting a way of controlling an SL240 or SL280 without the need for Internet access. By enabling Express Mode within your Manager, the Client application will be able to communicate without having to access the cloud server.

By enabling Express Mode and removing Internet access from the Brain, there will be limitations with the Kramer Control setup. Publishing changes made within the Builder will not update an Offline brain, nor will Dashboard show any content. Both of these features require active Internet access to function.

NOTE If you use the Web Client :8000, you must enable express mode to use this feature.


  1. Login to your Manager Account
  2. Select your Provisioned Space

To enable Express Mode, and to enable the ability to skip the sign in process within the Client application. Click on the check box that appears within the Space Info section of the Manager. Image shown above.


Upon opening the Client application, select the Express Mode option. NOTE Express mode will only work on Brains that have been previously provisioned.

Enter the IP address of the Brain and the Passcode from the Manager

Choose the Option for control, then select the Interface

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Last modified: 9 November 2017


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