New features

  • Application will now sync in the background. No longer will there be a Blue synchronizing screen that takes over the User Interface
  • Added the ability for User Input Values within the client applications.

Bug Fixes

  • Listboxes don’t alphabetically or logically order the keys in the list
  • Widgets will not receive proper state value after publish
  • Frames set up to scroll content vertically (by setting width equal to overlay’s width) still scroll horizontally due to scrollbars
  • Hide of a Frame does not work
  • Control mode launch problem
  • Brain on Android client has issues with connection to AMQP
  • User is booted to admin mode after publish
  • User is stuck in sync screen after space is published
  • Hardware mismatch popup could use more information
  • Slider actions flooding brain
  • Admin UI does not respond to button feedback as native does
  • Sync does not cause UI to be updated with changes
  • Remote client session is never terminated when not closed cleanly
  • Crash when interface has too many large (in dimensions) images
  • Cannot enter admin mode with no network
Revision: 2
Last modified: 1 November 2017


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