Some setups have a spotty network or no network at all. With version 2.2.9 of Kramer Control, we have added an API route that allows the programmer to configure the Offline state for the Brain. This will help in setups where Internet access is spotty and not consistent.

NoteMore API commands can be found here. These commands can be used through CLI or using Postman.


  1. Open Google Chrome Browser
  2. Go to Brain_IP:8000/kramer-ui/index.html
    • Make sure to use a lower case k and replace Brain_IP with the IP address of the Brain hardware
  3. Expand Brain Actions section of webpage
  4. Expand the Active Offline section
  5. Select On or Off
    • On = The Brain will not attempt to communicate with our cloud servers
      • This is not a replacement for removal of WAN access to a Brain. This feature helps reduce AMQP connection attempts for Brains that have poor network connectivity
    • Off = The Brain will function with the idea that all ports are available for full Cloud access

Revision: 7
Last modified: 13 March 2020


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