v1.5.1 includes a new gateway, and new event types along with bug fixes. More information on these new features and what bugs were fixed can be found in the links below.


New Features

  • New notifications have been added to the Manager, Builder and Client Applications. If your Brain does not match the Builder version a popup will appear notifying you that the Brain may not Publish until an update is performed. The Kramer Control applications will also include this notification letting the end user know that the application and/or Brain is not up to date.
  • Brain API has been updated to include the ability to get Space Information including name and status, executing All On and All Off macros and a GET request to identify Device information

Brain Fixes

  • Corrected issue where the SL-280 Brain required a manual reboot after the unprovision request was sent from Manager
  • Corrected issue with Tablet – BRAINware where the Brain was constantly polling the API when in an unprovisioned state

Kramer Control

Client Applications

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Last modified: 26 December 2018


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