Virtual state devices provide the programmer the capability to create unique environments to provide a customized solution. The virtual states can be tracked across interfaces and used to update widgets within each interface.

Importing Virtual State device

  1. Open Builder
  2. Search – Model = Virtual

Using Virtual Device within builder

  1. Create Alias
    Create unique name for alias for easy programming within interface
  2. Add set states to widgets, macros and/or events

Tracking Virtual State

This example uses a System Off macro and tracks the Cable Box virtual state.

Add conditional to button/macro/event

Virtual states may not match the actual state of a piece of equipment. When configuring virtual states be aware that physical alterations to a device will negatively affect programming.

Hardware Setup

Create a Network gateway

Enter IP address of and click create

Drag device to center pane of gateway information

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Last modified: 14 August 2017


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